Local animal rescue organizations to help starving animals in Puerto Rico


Help is on the way to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

A dozen local animal rescue organizations joined forces to feed hundreds of starving animals on the island.

A plane filled with food, supplies and medication will depart from A.P.P. Jet Center Monday at 6 a.m.

Dream Ride, Pet Haven Rescue, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue, Guardians of Rescue and Furry Friends are all part of the collaborative relief mission.

“It’s just so sad, nobody has power. Many areas still don’t have any portable water. The people are starving, the animals are starving,” said Lauree Simmons, president and CEO of Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Guardians of Rescue donated the plane and the pilot is from Paws Landing.

“We were all praying that Maria wasn’t going to hit. As soon as it did hit, we had already formed a connection. We already formed the relationships and we already had a handle on where we were going to get the donations,” said Jessica Nicodemo, vice president of Pet Haven. “We already identified several organizations that need help on top of families that need help.”

Nicodemo, who will also be representing Guardians of Rescue for this trip, says they will not coming back empty-handed.

“People had to leave the island so many of the flights would not facilitate the animals, so we’re going to be bringing the animals back that need to be adopted as well as reuniting dogs with their families who had to evacuate here,” Nicodemo said.

At least 30 dogs will go to Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Pet Haven Rescue will take in a few, and the puppies will go to A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue.

“We have collaborated with some of the most instrumental animal rescues in Palm Beach County it brought the rescue community together,” Nicodemo said.

Click here to find out how to support relief efforts through donating and volunteering.

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