"Invest 90L" brings threat for heavy rain Memorial Day Weekend

Invest 90L is worth watching as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico. There is a possibility of additional rain this weekend.

A broad area of low pressure has developed enough to warrant an identifying label from the National Hurricane Center. The area, called Invest 90L, may have an impact on South Florida's weekend weather.

Located in the northwest Caribbean Sea, Invest 90L has a chance of development late in the work week.

Development in the Caribbean is unlikely, but as this area moves into the Gulf conditions become a bit more favorable for better organization. If we do see formation, the storm will likely strengthen to depression or weak tropical storm status.

Right now the National Hurricane Center is giving this a 40% chance of development through the next 5 days.

The ground is extremely saturated from the last week and with the threat of more heavy rainfall this weekend, flooding will be the biggest concern with this system.

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