Introducing StormTracker 12

Storm Tracker1.jpg

We have a brand new weather tool to keep you safe and informed when severe weather threatens. Built with the latest radar and camera technology, StormTracker12 can not only provide our weather team with vital weather data it collects from the road, but it can also provide a close up live look at severe weather like you've never seen before. Stormtracker 12 is built to withstand whatever South Florida Storms can throw at it. Bulldozing it's way through strong winds, flooded streets and fierce lightning storms to get our meteorologists the close-up perspective on storms you won't see anywhere else.

6 HD Cameras on board pinpoint the weather from ground level giving perspective of what to expect where you live. Storm Tracker 12 takes the best weather radar technology we have and puts it on wheels..right to the heart of the storm! This enables our skilled meteorologists to track storms in real time from where they are impacting the most and where they are about to hit.

StormTracker 12 allows our meteorologists to use training and expertise in the field where the weather is happening to assess, predict, and report based on what we are seeing and not just what's being seen on a radar in studio.

StormTracker 12 joins the CBS12 news vehicle fleet including Traffic Tracker12, SkyTeam12, and MarineWatch12.

Michael Ehrenberg/CBS12 Meteorologist

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