Interview on Coral Reefs With Dr Diego Lirman



This video below is an interview about the health of Coral Reefs here in South Florida. It was originally streamed through Facebook live with Dr Diego Lirman of the University of Miami Rosenstiel School. We discussed what is causing our local reefs to bleach and die and how dire the situation is. The shifting climate, climate change and warming waters were one factor in reef weakening. We discussed a program called "Rescue a Reef" in which scientists and citizens volunteers in South Florida are growing and planting Coral to help restore the reefs. Also talked about were topics like Ocean Acidification due to increasing C02 and algae blooms in Florida. So while the main topic was coral reefs we did touch on many aspects of the Ocean ecosystem.

For more info on Rescue a Reef go to @RescueAReef on Twitter.

Thanks and enjoy!

Jeff Berardelli, Severe Weather Expert CBS12

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