Let's Move2015: West Palm Beach students participate in campaign

Story by Jonathan Beaton/CBS12

CBS 12's Let's Move campaign is continuing to take Palm Beach County by storm, with nearly 2.2 million logged so far.

CBS 12 visited a West Palm Beach school that's kicking it into high gear as the campaign rolls on.

Students at Rosarian Academy say they're getting fit the fun way as they exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

"We want the kids to be active in the classroom because it helps them brainstorm"|helps them to study better, be more attentive in class," said John Payne.

Rosarian Academy's Athletic Director Jon Payne says it's that type of attitude that makes for a smarter, healthier child.

His hope is that the academy's students take those good habits through high school and eventually into adulthood, creating a fitter, more social community.

"We want them communicating with one another. P.E. used to be the only environment they could do that aside from recess and now this helps to get them up and communicating."

Right now the kids spend three days a week exercising for 40 minutes a day, on top of their regular recess.

Just more time to log minutes says P.E. teacher Lindsey Beylow, who seems to enjoy her time in the school's gym almost as much as the students.

"Who doesn't like physical education. It's the best part of the day, even for us," said Lindsey Beylow.

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