Let's Move 2015 campaign breaking records

Story by Jonathan Beaton/CBS 12

CBS 12's Let's Move campaign is already breaking records, as we work to fight obesity in Palm Beach County.

We visited a Boynton Beach Let's Move team Wednesday who's finding new and creative ways to stay active in and out of the office.

Workers at Palm Beach County Children Services Council are determined to rack up and log as many minutes as possible, even using their lunch breaks as an opportunity to exercise.

"We put the call out to the staff to join us, as well as some of the staff's family members," said LaNita Sanders.

Sanders and her coworkers are making every minute count are using their lunch breaks to go for walks and always using the stairs as opposed to taking the elevator.

Sanders says she wants to be the example so her children and their kids lead a healthy and happy life.

"If we want our children to lead healthy lives then we have to do the same thing."

Tina Hallyburton echoes those sentiments saying the Children Services Council needs to step up in a big way and come up with more fun, exciting opportunities to get out and move.

"I know some folks do a bike ride so more of us can do that and maybe some bowling," said Tina Hallyburton.
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