What's Lincoln Thinkin' - What to know about Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler always looks like a guy smoking a cigarette but the cigarette's missing.

The Dolphins have not made a decision yet about whether or not quarterback Ryan Tannehill will undergo season-ending knee surgery.

But they are putting the feelers out for options, reportedly reaching out to Adam Gase's former quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cutler's had an enigmatic career - so before he possibly makes his way to South Florida, this is what you need to know about him.

Jay Cutler is the guy born in Santa Claus, Indiana, who played for the "Patriots" in high school, and set all sorts of records at a bad football school.

Jay Cutler is the guy that was a starting quarterback for over a decade, and was named to just one Pro Bowl.

Jay Cutler only has one more playoff victory than Ryan Tannehill does.

Jay Cutler is married and has three kids with reality star Kristen Cavallari. And she likes to post naked pictures of him on Instagram.

Jay Cutler always looks like his dog ran away. Literally always.

Jay Cutler's career is summed up perfectly by a line in the cartoon "South Park" - "Hi Jay, you kinda suck but my dad says you'll be good someday."

Jay Cutler is the guy who sat out the second half of a playoff game with a bad knee injury. And no one believed him.

Jay Cutler has been made fun of social media for always looking like he's smoking a cigarette but the cigarette's missing.

Jay Cutler chose the broadcasting booth over picking a team that he didn't want to play for this offseason.

Jay Cutler - may be the guy that has to save the Dolphins season.

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