What's Lincoln Thinkin': Wade rediscovers his old home

Lebron James may have left the Heat two years ago, but his departure still has rippling effects in Miami.

Even though Dwyane Wade did not choose to join LeBron in Cleveland, James's move certainly had an effect on this decision.

After signing a contract extension in 2006, Wade said that he'd "play for the Heat, as long as they'd have him".

Something happened a decade later, that made everything change.

For 13 years Dwyane Wade was Mr. Heat, but was never paid like it. He never was the highest earner on any of his teams.

Wade became the biggest star in South Florida, but it took just one week for "Miami Wade County", not to feel like home at all.

By not prioritizing Wade over Hassan Whiteside and Kevin Durant when free agency began, the Heat front office opened up a small door.

But it was wide enough for Wade to feel disrespected by his home team and all of a sudden all of those memories of growing up in Chicago, wearing a Jordan jersey, dreaming about hearing his name called at the United Center, came flooding back.

He could be just like his buddy LeBron, going back home to realize a dream that he probably forgot he even had.

For a long time Wade's dream was to finish his career with the Heat.

But Pat Riley took him for granted one last time.

And South Florida just did not feel like home anymore.

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