What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Timmons can't live down throwing up

Dolphin linebacker Lawrence Timmons speaks at headquarters.

Lawrence Timmons was the Dolphins' biggest free agent signing this offseason.

Tuesday he participated in his first OTA with his new team, and while LT may wind up being the key to this year's defense, people aren't letting him forget an incident that happened at Hard Rock Stadium last year.

Timmons was about to take the microphone for his first press conference as a Dolphin, but then he started stretching and he walked out of the room.

When he did take the mic, he admitted, the first OTA in the heat of South Florida took its toll.

"I went to Florida State but I'm still getting used to it," said Timmons. "I was cramping, that's why I left before."

In the Dolphins' midseason game against the Steelers at Hard Rock Stadium, Timmons was struck by more than just cramps. After Jay Ajayi scored a touchdown, CBS's cameras caught a closeup of Timmons in a moment of digestive weakness.

"Story of my life, I get it everywhere I go - 'You're the one that threw up in the end zone!'."

So you'd think, being the new guy on campus, his new teammates would razz Timmons about his inability to hold onto his lunch. Think again.

"The guy got us in the playoff game," says Dolphins guard Jermon Bushrod. "So if you crack on him about that, you're the one feeling bad at the end."

And besides, Timmons doesn't feel too bad about it anyway.

"It's football." says Timmons. "You win some, you lose some. It's about just having fun."

And remembering to drink enough fluids.

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