What's Lincoln Thinkin' - The USGA's Trump Problem

One of the biggest golf tournaments of the year, the Cadillac Championship, decided to move from the Donald Trump-owned golf course in Doral, but it might not be the last major golf tournament to distance itself from the Republican Presidential Nominee.

No doubt you've heard the tape by now - 11 years ago, Donald Trump described how he treated women. He has since tried to downplay the comments, by calling it "locker room talk".

A man in such peak physical condition such as "The Donald" knows all about locker rooms, I'm sure. He certainly knows about women's dressing rooms. Multiple reports say that Trump would often stride right through them at the Miss Teen USA beauty pageants he ran in the 90's.

Maybe Trump has had these locker room conversations, in the locker rooms of the golf courses he owns - like the one in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Don't expect Trump's type of talk there come next July, because that's when Trump National in New Jersey is hosting the U.S. Women's Open.

The biggest golf tournament in the country played by women, is at Trump's course next year.

The tournament's governing body, the USGA, is declining comment, but they won't be able to do that much longer. As long as the breathing, sniffling, walking controversy that is Donald Trump, continues to have his name out front.

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