What's Lincoln Thinkin': The Season with Smokin' Jay mercifully ends

Jay Cutler (Sun-Sentinel)

In July, Adam Gase was in a tough spot. Just a month before the season, his quarterback was out for the year.

So he called up an old friend, someone who knew the offense.

Someone who was available, albeit for a hefty price.

Even if it was the only decision that made sense at the time, the choice to hand the keys to the offense over to Jay Cutler, wound up being the decision that defined the 2017 Dolphins.

We were warned.

The Dolphins signed a retired quarterback, with 11 years of experience, and two playoff games.

A guy that had led the league in interceptions twice. But never touchdowns.

A guy that had below .500 record as a starter.

A guy whose desire and will to win had been questioned, and that was before he decided to become a broadcaster.

Not everything that went wrong for the Dolphins this year was Jay Cutler's fault.

But he certainly did not play well enough to help.

Among qualified QB's, Cutler finished 27th in the league in quarterback rating. There are only 32 NFL teams.

He had just one 300 yard passing game.

17 quarterbacks have thrown more touchdowns. Only one has thrown more interceptions.

Jay Cutler did very little to give the Dolphins a chance to have a winning season.

Maybe it was asking a lot from a man who in July was preparing for a season in the broadcast booth and not on the field.

So maybe we shouldn't say the Dolphins season was doomed the minute they signed Jay Cutler.

It was doomed the minute Ryan Tannehill went down.

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