What's Lincoln Thinkin' - The Heat and CB Stalemate

Chris Bosh says he's ready - ready to lace up the shoes, slip on the heat jersey and possibly put his life in danger again.

But he's still waiting to see if the Heat will give him that chance.

Bosh announced on the podcast "Uninterrupted" on Wednesday that he is going to Heat training camp.

No, he doesn't just want the week at Atlantis - He wants to practice with the Heat in the Bahamas in preparation of playing the upcoming season.

Bosh has had his last two years end prematurely because of blood clots, but he says this has been the hardest summer of his life, doing the research and talking to doctors until he felt he would be healthy enough to play basketball again.

That time is now - he believes the only thing standing in his way to playing in the NBA, is whether the heat will decide to allow him on the court.

Bosh is taking blood thinners that his doctors say are safe to take during extreme activity. In fact some NHL players, including former Panther Tomas Fleischmann, have played while on blood thinners.

But, that doesnt mean that the Heat's doctors will agree.

And herein lies what could be an ugly stalemate.

That could sour an entire basketball a season.

Not to mention, a two week vacation to the Bahamas.

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