What's Lincoln Thinkin': The Capitals' Unruly Celebration

Capitals player T.J. Oshie chugs a beer during the team's Cup celebration. (NBC SW)

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup on Thursday night - their first title in the franchise's 44 year history. They deserve a celebration, they deserve a party, but winning a championship shouldn't give a license to adults to do whatever they want.

Tens of thousands of fans packed the Capitals parade route Tuesday - excited to be a part of a title celebration. It's been almost 3 decades since the city has been able to have a party like this.

Most hockey players never get a chance to hoist the Cup, so these players deserve the opportunity to savor this moment.

But how much, is too much?

Where else do we publicly applaud adults for, unapologetically blurting out f-bombs? Like Alex Ovechkin did.

Or guzzling a beer through their shirts? Like T.J. Oshie did.

Or using unforgivably bad and outdated puns? Like Tom Wilson did. (He announced to the crowd, "They say whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But we brought home the Stanley Cup!!!" Disgraceful.)

The Capitals aren't the first pro team to do this, and they won't be the last. Just a little bit later on Tuesday, on the opposite coast, the Warriors were doing the same thing - highlighted by one player demanding fans bring him liquor.

For some fans, the Caps parade was a once in a lifetime experience, something they felt they had to bring their family to.

I wonder how many of them wish they left their children at home.

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