What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Sunday afternoons are NOT all right for fighting

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The biggest fights in the world, happen in Las Vegas.

But it's not just boxing and MMA, NASCAR fisticuffs broke out this weekend.

Drivers are not supposed to brawl in that sport, but Wednesday NASCAR decided, what happens in Vegas, well you know.

Joey Logano is one of the best drivers in NASCAR.

He also has a history of wrecking someone to get to the front of the pack.

Kyle Busch is one of the best drivers in NASCAR.

He also has a history of blowing his gasket.

Sunday, the two sides converged, when Logano rode Busch hard in the final lap in Vegas, ultimately sending him off the track.

Busch is a Vegas native so he knows what needs to be done - he goes hunting for Logano after the race - got one good punch in, but, then was swarmed by Logano's crew..

So much about winning a fight, is choosing the right location to do it - and Kyle, probably should've waited for the higher ground, because he left worse for the wear.

But in true NASCAR fashion, Wednesday the governing bodies announced punishments for the incident.

And there were none, zero, not even five minutes in the box.

As an adult, for entertainment value, sure you got to love this.

But any sport that specifically markets itself to children and families, can't also preach that violence is the way to handle its problems.

The sport is violent enough all ready.

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