What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Stop #FireMcElwain now!

The Florida Gators won their first bowl in the Jim McElwain era Monday topping Iowa 30-3 in the Outback Bowl.

McElwain has won back-to-back SEC East titles, yet Gator fans are all ready looking forward to their next head coach.

It was all smiles on the faces of Gators after their bowl victory.

But a quick peek at social media and you'd think the Gators just lost to Georgia Southern again.

A large population of Gator fans want to run Jim McElwain out of town.

The "Fire Jim McElwain" Facebook page exists.

The blog "Hail Florida Hail", details fans hatred of their coach.

And the hashtag #FireMcElwain on twitter is pretty popular, and was even used multiple times today just hours after the bowl win.

Why do fans hate a coach that's averaging nine and a half wins per season?

The Gators were promised with McElwain's offensive background, that he's put up some points - UF finished last in the SEC in yards this season.

And Gator coach haters also believe he's not a good recruiter - his classes were ranked 21st and 12th the last two seasons.

But the saying is - winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

The Gators have six division titles in the last 16 years, and McElwain is two for two.

The only thing keeping him from winning more is the best coach there's ever been - Nick Saban.

#FireMcElwain? Gator fans should feel lucky to have him.

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