What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Stephen Ross' Billionaire curse


Stephen Ross put 500 million dollars of his own money into renovations for the New Miami Stadium. He knew - build it, and the Super Bowl would come.

He basically bought a Super Bowl, but still, he is not the most popular man among football fans in South Florida.

Stephen Ross is one of the richest people in the world, and he opened up his sumo-sized wallet and gave half a billion dollars for stadium renovations - all in hopes of bringing a Super Bowl to South Florida.

That dream has become a reality.

Super Bowl LIV will be at "The House Ross Built" in 2020.

Ross is obsessed with winning., but why he infuriates his team's fan base is that he doesn't know exactly how to do it on a football field.

His go-to-move for fixing problems? Throw money at them.

That has worked in bringing a Super Bowl to South Florida.

It hasn't worked on the field.

No team has spent more in free agency in recent years than the Fins.

And many of those high-priced free agents, have flamed out in the hot sun of South Florida.

It's a billionaire's curse - mo money, mo problems.

And this Super Bowl deal proves he can use his bank account to fix some of them.

But under Ross the Fins have a record of 49-63 - all that money hasn't bought much happiness for Fins Fans.

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