What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Saban may take second NFL chance

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

After last night's unbelievable game Nick Saban now has six national championships as a head coach, and people are calling him the G.O.A.T. - the Greatest of All Time.

On the college gridiron anyway.

His second season with the Dolphins remains the only blemish on his career. Which makes you wonder, if he wants a second shot.

Ho-hum, championship number six - Nick Saban may be the G.O.A.T. in college, but he was a just another guy with the Dolphins.

In fact, Saban's second year in Miami remains the only year in his entire 22 year career as a head coach that he finished under 500.

The Dolphins went 6-10 in 2006, but the record was never as egregious as the lie.

He most famously said: "I'm not taking the Alabama job" in December of 2006.

Two weeks later he was Alabama's coach. And the rest is history. In Miami, and Tuscaloosa.

Saban's accomplished all there is to accomplish in college and then some, but his pro career is incomplete - a 15-17 record in just two seasons.

Tuesday former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said on Fox Sports Radio that he believes Saban covets the New York Giants head coach position - and that job is currently open.

One Giants beat writer has all ready quashed that rumor, saying Saban is not interested.

But this wouldn't be the first job Saban "hasn't" been interested in.

At 66 years old, Saban's window is closing to make another run at the pros. And Saban can leave on top.

Or just leave next year, after the Tide wins it all again.

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