What's Lincoln Thinkin': Ridiculousness of Rankings Rage

College Football Playoff

Brand new college football playoff rankings were released on Tuesday night, and the 'Canes made a major jump after their big win over Notre Dame.

After being ranked 7th last week, the Miami is now ranked third, meaning if the season ended Tuesday, they would be in the semifinals.

But Clemson is curiously ranked #2. The Tigers are an ACC team with one loss. The 'Canes are an ACC team with zero losses.

What's the deal?

The head of the committee pointed out that the 'Canes haven't played a team on the road with a winning record yet.

But still - fans in South Florida are irate on social media.

And they just need to chill out.

The 'Canes will play the Tigers in the ACC Championship. The winner of that game is in the semifinals, the loser will be out.

Just keep winning and these November rankings don't matter.

But that's a fact that college football and ESPN doesn't want you to think about.

Because then you realize, the only reason they're doing this is for you to argue about it.

And it's working.

Only a matter of time before college basketball does the same thing.

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