What's Lincoln Thinkin': Raonic Disrespects Delray

milos raonic.jpg

Tuesday night at 8pm - the prime time slot at the Delray Beach Open - was supposed to feature the 11th ranked tennis player in the world. But last week Canadian Milos Raonic withdrew from the Open.

Monday tennis fans in Palm Beach County are not buying his apology.

Milos Raonic is a rising star in international tennis - the Australian Open semifinalist was one of the biggest names coming to the Delray Beach Open. He even graced the cover of the media guide.

But Raonic withdrew last week, claiming he was suffering from an adductor injury.

The adductor muscles in the hip play a major part in walking and running - they're very important to an athlete.

In a statement, Raonic said: "I'm disappointed that I won't be able to make my debut in Delray Beach on Tuesday. I heard that there would be great support from Canadians in the area, so I hope to be able to play in Delray Beach next year."

Playing basketball must be part of his rehab.

This weekend Raonic popped up at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

The tennis player with the issues walking and running had no problem dunking during the game.

A non-basketball player throwing one down - it was cool moment, for everyone who isn't a tennis fan in Delray.

Because Raonic lied to all of them.

Good luck having any support from Canadians, or anyone else, in Delray next year.

That is, if you even show up.

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