What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Possible jersey sponsors for the Miami Heat

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On the eve of the playoffs, the NBA made a major announcement Friday. Starting in 2017, teams will have advertisers on their jerseys.

So what companies should the heat target as a potential jersey sponsor?

I'm glad you asked.

So if a big advertisement is going to be plastered on the Heat jersey starting in two years, we need to get ahead of this now.

We don't want the "Miami Heat brought to you by Snuggle Fabric Softener".

So these are the Top 10 Possible Jersey Sponsors for the Heat.

#10. Red Hots. Nothing beats candy that hurts your mouth.

#9. Pot Holders!

#8. Safari expeditions to the sun.

#7. Icyhot - as a combo sponsor with the NHL's Colorado Avalanche.

#6. A public service announcement about the benefits of sunscreen.

#5. www.dogsinheatdotcom - a social dating website for canines.

#4. The CBS12 Weather Department. Of course they'll need bigger jerseys to fit all those faces on there.

#3. The 22nd year anniversary release of the Martin Scorsese film, "Heat".

#2. Texas Pete's Hot Sauce - and if you say Tabasco, you're never welcome in the Lincoln household.

#1. Pat Riley's Old-Timey Hair Grease - "Creating immovable objects since 1950".

Let's be honest, fans don't want to see advertisements on the jerseys. So let's make the best of this.

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