What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Panthers' First Heartbreak

Ask and ye shall receive - South Florida hockey fans wanted the playoffs, and they got a lot more than they asked for.

Overtime thrillers, questionable calls and heartbreak.

But before you get all snivelly on us - let's use some perspective.

The Panthers are full of young stars, who just played their first playoff series.

And your first heartbreak, can hit you hard.

Eight of their top eleven scorers are 25 years old or younger. Jonathan Huberdeau (22), Aleksander Barkov (20) and Vincent Trocheck (22) all finished in the top 5 in the team in scoring.

But even the old guys you shouldn't shed a tear for - this may have been 44-year old Jaromir Jagr's last go-around, but he has 2 Stanley Cups - and the NHL record book is littered with his name. He's going to be fine.

So yes Panthers - this is what the NHL playoffs feel like. This is what your first heartbreak feels like.

But it's okay. This is only the beginning.

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