What's Lincoln Thinkin' - No Fairness for FAU

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The NCAA claims it wants a level playing field - and that that's more important than the dollar bill.

But the FAU baseball and softball teams found out exactly what matters the most to the NCAA, and it's certainly not fairness and integrity.

The FAU softball team had the second best record in the country, but the NCAA selection committee sent them to play a regional, hosted by the team with the best record.

Despite the fact that the Owls were one of the best number 2 seeds, they traveled to the University of Florida, the best number one seed.

Does that sound fair?

The FAU baseball team was in the running for a one seed up until the Conference USA Tournament. A couple of losses there, dropped them below the one seed line.

But as one of the best two seeds, they're traveling to the 3rd ranked team in the country, Miami.

Does that sound fair?

The NCAA claims they preach fairness and integrity - just check their website, in case you doubted that fact.

But there's nothing fair about these two scenarios for the Owls.

So what's the deal?

The NCAA is looking for the best deal - they pay for the travel for the teams in the tournament.

And a bus ride, is a lot cheaper than a flight.

So the Owls get screwed, as the NCAA pinches pennies.

For an organization that makes a billion dollars a year, and doesn't pay most of its employees, we shouldn't be surprised.

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