What's Lincoln Thinkin': NFL Draft Day 3 becomes Must See TV


The NFL Draft starts Thursday - a few years ago the league stretched the 7 round event to three days. By the time we get to the later rounds, it stops being watchable television. But the league has added a wrinkle, and teams are embracing both the heartwarming, and the weird.

Last week the Miami Dolphins announced that students at Stoneman Douglas High School, plus family members from the hero coach Aaron Feis who was killed in the school shooting would be announcing the Dolphins draft selections on the third day of the Draft. They will be at Dolphins headquarters and announce the picks via satellite.

This is the second year that the NFL is allowing picks from Rounds 4 through 6 to be announced at a location of the team's choosing. And 13 other teams playing along.

Most are using the opportunity for honor - United States Army Captain John Kelly and his service dog Ranger will make a Steelers pick. Local Boys and Girls Club kids will be announce the Bills picks from Niagara Falls. And the U.S. Curling team, the first ever Americans to win gold in the sport, will make the picks for the Vikings.

Other teams, are doing a little less with this great opportunity.

The 49ers have Chewbacca announcing their picks.

The Bucs have a parrot.

Yet the most embarrassing is the Jet, who have Boomer Esiason announcing their picks.

Seeing someone other than a bunch of guys in suits, may just make watching the third day of the draft watchable.

As long as Chewy sticks to his lines.

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