What's Lincoln Thinkin' - NFL befuddling players and fans with personal fouls

NFL television viewership is down 12 percent this season, and there are lots of reasons why that could be happening. But one, is the confusion about how some rules are being officiated in the game. And yet another, is how ridiculous some of those new rules are.

Jarvis Landry is one of the most passionate players on the Dolphins and he found himself in the middle of two major calls Sunday against the Bills.

After a big catch at the end of the first quarter, Landry jumped up, spun the ball, and was penalized 15 yards for taunting. That's one of the NFL's new rules against unsportsmanlike conduct. But the enforcement of the rule, shocked Landry.

"I didn't now that was going to get called," said Landry on Wednesday. "And I think it takes away from the game."

Half a quarter later, Landry was flagged again, this time for nailing bills defensive back Aaron Williams with a crack back block up towards the head and neck area. This dangerous and illegal hit cost the Fins 15 yards.

"I would never deliberately injure or hurt anyone," said Landry..

Most NFL fans with a head on their shoulders would say, those type of hits do not belong in the game. But spinning the ball? And because of the new sportsmanship rules, if Landry spun the ball again, he would be ejected from the game. If he violently targeted the head of an opponent, he'd stay in the game.

Confused? Well, maybe NFL execs shouldn't be, that viewership numbers are down.

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