What's Lincoln Thinkin': New name, new vibe for Fins' House

Since the Dolphins left the Orange Bowl, many fans believe they've had just one home.

Joe Robbie Stadium - that's what many fans like still call it.

But it's had a number of different names, with the latest being one that rocks and rolls off the tongue.

Can you remember all the names for the stadium located at 347 Don Shula Drive?

We all remember Joe Robbie Stadium - the first name. And you should remember Sun Life Stadium. That's the last.

The rest of the names, we'll forgive you if you can't remember..

It was Pro Player Stadium for almost a decade, only after it was Pro Player Park for a year.

It was Dolphin Stadium for stadium, only after it was Dolphins Stadium.

And let's all just forget the two years it was named for a tasteless alcoholic beverage.

Well now, it's a new era - starting Wednesday the park will be called Hard Rock Stadium.

And that is a cool name, even if it doesn't exactly fit..

Let's not forget the type of music you're most likely to hear inside Hard Rock Stadium - Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Jimmy Buffett.

Not exactly "hard rock".

With everything else new at 347 Don Shula Drive, maybe it's time to get a new DJ as well.

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