What's Lincoln Thinkin' - NCAA stars put future first

courtesy: Sun-Sentinel

College football lives for its bowl season, but this season two of the sports' best players, are sitting it out.

And the old guard does not like what they're seeing from the new generation.

Last year in the Fiesta Bowl, Notre Dame's Jaylon Smith blew out his knee - dropping him from a top of the draft star to a second pick. And it literally cost him tens of millions of dollars.

Two current stars are keeping Jaylon's story close to home.

Stanford's Christian McCaffrey and LSU's Leonard Fournette both announced this week that they will not play in their team's bowl games.

Both are expected to be first round draft picks and don't want to risk their futures on a game that doesn't count.

Miami head coach Mark Richt, doesn't like it. He told reporters Tuesday that it was "sad" and the players should put their team first.

Head coaches all across the country are bailing on young men before their bowl games to take other head coaching jobs - yet they don't like it when the tables have turned.

McCaffrey and Fournette may not be the best teammates in the world..

But the college experience is about preparing you to be a professional.

And that sometimes means putting the 'I' above the team.

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