What's Lincoln Thinkin': MLS should work in Miami this time around

Futbal Miami owner David Beckham

For the second time, South Florida is getting a shot at a Major League Soccer team.

And this time, there is a lot more is shaping up, to show that it could actually work.

It is now finally official, Futbal Miami, the group that's been fighting for four years to bring an MLS team to South Florida, has everything it needs to go full steam ahead.

Monday's major announcement comes 17 years after Miami's first MLS team folded. The Miami Fusion was one of the inaugural dozen teams that started the MLS. It lasted just five years.

But Futbal Miami's team has a better chance at success for a number of reasons.

First, the involvement of David Beckham. Miami loves its stars and just having one of the biggest stars in the world as an owner draws a major interest. He even showed up to an Irish Pub Monday night to meet fans.

Next - the stadium. The Fusion played their games at the rundown Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. The new team,will get a new stadium in Overtown.

Finally, maybe most importantly, there is a bigger demand for soccer in America. The Fusion folded because the MLS lost a quarter of a billion dollars in its first five years. That left the MLS at 10 teams. Now they have 24.

Futbal Miami doesn't have a team name, team colors, or even a start date. But the excitement is high, for a venture that should work, this time around.

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