What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Meet Mac Daddy Santa


Tiger Woods has returned to professional golf.. and he announced on Twitter that another holiday tradition is making a comeback.

And it's a sight that we just can't unsee.

For a long time, Woods was a very private person. But as he's about to turn 41, he's apparently opening up.

Woods set social media ablaze Thursday with his take on Ol' St. Nick, with the caption: "Xmas tradition that my kids love. Mac Daddy Santa is back."

There is a lot going on here - from the totally non-Christmas-like wig, to the bleach blonde goatee, to the missing shirt.

Mac Daddy Santa, truly is a sign that Tiger Woods has reached a new part of his life - the part of your life as a father when you think you know what your kids love, but they're really just laughing at you and not with you.

The most intimidating, intense competitor that the game of golf has ever seen is now Mac Daddy Santa?

The idea of this guy seeing my when I'm sleeping, and knowing when I'm awake, is creeping me out.

Put a shirt on! We know he's got plenty of Christmas colors in his wardrobe.

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