What's Lincoln Thinkin': Lamar Jackson doubters look silly

Lamar Jackson with his Mom, Felicia Jones. (Courtesy: ESPN)

The NFL Draft starts Thursday, and we have no clue who the first pick is going to be. In fact at this point, most of the first round is a guessing game.

But the most intriguing question revolves around one of Palm Beach County's own - Who will take a chance on the most explosive playmaker in the draft?

Lamar Jackson is done talking about it - the Boynton Beach High product answered enough questions about whether or not he could be an NFL quarterback at the Combine.

Since his pro day in Louisville, he has gone into hiding. Jackson did not hire an agent, instead his mom is representing him - and keeping him under wraps. Jackson hasn't done any interviews since, and all of his workouts have been a secret.

But news came out this week, that Jackson had two workouts with the New England Patriots, a team looking for a QB for the future.

But even on the eve of the draft, more Jackson doubters emerge - reported Wednesday, about an unnamed offensive coordinator who said about Jackson: "He's an awesome athlete. He will not be able to play (quarterback) In this league. Mark my words, when he throws, he hopes."

Jackson is expected to be drafted at some point in the first round of the NFL Draft, quite possibly with one of the Patriots' two picks.

For two years, Jackson put up numbers like no quarterback has ever done. To think it's totally impossible for that to translate to the NFL is silly.

You know how I know that? Because one of best coaching minds in football history - Bill Belichick - is taking a long look.

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