What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Juice guarantees wins over Pats

courtesy: Sun-Sentinel

The New England Patriots have won 14 of the last 16 AFC East championships. The Dolphins have only won four, since 1985.

But one Dolphin is guaranteeing a sweep of the Patriots next season, and it's the exact thing Dolphin fans should want to hear.

No player has the type of bravado on the Dolphins, as Jarvis Landry.

He is the alpha personality in the Fins locker room - so if there was anyone who would guarantee a sweep of the Patriots, it's Juice.

This weekend at an event in London, landry did just that, and then doubled down to the website the MMQB, saying: "If you're a competitor, that's the way you should feel, and I don't mind saying it's time for a change. I have all the respect in the world for the Patriots, and I respect Tom Brady tremendously. But they're not our big brother anymore."

Yes, Landry is poking the bear, but it is time for the Dolphins to stop being bullied around by the Patriots.

In past years, a comment like that may have been laughable, but Adam Gase has instilled a new attitude, and a new swagger to the Fins - an attitude that generally went missing in two defeats at the hands of the Pats last season.

Whether or not the Dolphins actually do sweep the Patriots is not the point.

The Dolphins have proven they are a step above the Bills and Jets, and now there's just one more horse to pass. Finally the Fins feel, they're actually in the race.

Juice was just letting the world know.

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