What's Lincoln Thinkin': Jeter's Marlins cleanup will take longer than he hopes

Courtesy: Sun-Sentinel

Marlins spring training opens up this week in Jupiter, and the few fans that still exist, will have a hard time recognizing anyone.

Derek Jeter and the new ownership group are cleaning house - and that's exactly what they should be doing.

Monday we found out four more members of the Miami Marlins have been given their walking papers. Bob the Shark, Julio the Octopus, Angel the Stone Crab and Spike the Sea Dragon were all fired. The team will be not be bringing back the sea creature race.

Just like they won't be bringing back the man who plays Billy the Marlin.

Just like they won't be bringing back their starting outfield.

Just like they likely won't be bringing back the home run statue.

Like an old car, Derek Jeter stripping the Marlins down to their frame.

And it's for the best.

South Florida needs a restart with the Marlins. Only once in the last 20 years did the team not finish in the bottom five in attendance. And that was when Marlins Park opened.

A park, that still has no sponsor, because companies haven't deemed it important enough to bid on its naming rights.

Jeter is right to reboot, but there's plenty he's wrong about.

Most importantly - thinking that attendance number is going to make a quick change.

Fans in South Florida need to be won over, not appeased.

And just firing everyone, is not enough to do it.

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