What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Irma criticism falls on wrong school

courtesy: sun-sentinel

The Miami Hurricanes did not have a home game scheduled for Saturday. But with many of their players Florida natives, and with their school on lock down in preparation of Hurricane Irma, the school decided to cancel its game at Arkansas State.

But some people who've never lived through a hurricane before - just don't get it.

A powerfully unprecedented and deadly storm is approaching south Florida.

The last thing on anyone's minds right now, should be football.

So when Miami canceled its game against Arkansas State, everyone in the Sunshine State got it.

But not everyone outside of it did.

Like a writer for the blog site A State Nation, which ignorantly declared, "I am all for safety and putting life ahead of football, but it is crass to use those as an excuse to avoid playing a game you don't want to play."

He's claiming because Arkansas State played Nebraska tough last week.. that the Hurricanes are scared to go up to Jonesboro.

Former coach and current radio host Rick Neuheisel said it was "suspicious" that Miami canceled the game.

Their big argument was that FAU and FI were both finding ways to go on the road to play their games - why wasn't the big, tough U?

With your family, friends, home, school and possessions all in serious danger, how can you ask an 18-year-old to play a game?

So, really the criticism is focused on the wrong institution.

FAU is playing at Wisconsin because they don't want to give up a 7 figure paycheck.

FIU is playing Alcorn State because they don't want to give up one of the few games they have a chance to win.

The A State blogger used these arguments to show why Miami shouldn't have given up their game.

But it turns out that it's actually the school in Coral Gables that has the moral high ground here.

It's the U that is making FAU and FIU look bad. Not the other way around.

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