What's Lincoln Thinkin': Get the man a statue

Photo: Corn Farmer / CC BY 2.0

There's a new home run king of South Florida.

Giancarlo Stanton is realizing his incredible potential and then some, and proving that Derek Jeter may not be the most important part of the Marlins' future.

He did it again. A night after breaking the single season Marlins home run record, Stanton homered again Tuesday night.

He's now at 44 and on pace to hit 60, a mark that has not been reached since 2001 (You know, back when guys had a little help).

This latest home run came on the day that it was announced that he had cleared waivers, meaning the Marlins could trade him now. And do it, when his value is at it's highest.

For a team looking to start anew under a new high profile owner, a total rebuild does seem to make sense. But how do you trade this guy now?

His home runs may not be turning into wins but it certainly is turning into interest and with Jeffery Loria out of the way, what better way to usher in a new era then with one of the most exciting players in the game?

The reports are Jeter wants to demolish the home run sculpture in the outfield...

So let's erect a new one out there in the image of Miami's Home Run King.

That should be an easy decision. But not as easy as the one, to keep him in town.

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