What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Gators need biggest upset ever to beat Alabama

The SEC is usually stocked full of the best college football teams in America. But on Saturday, Alabama is a three and a half touchdown favorite.

And most people are not giving the Gators a chance.

In a century of football, Florida may be looking for his biggest upset win ever.

For the second straight year the Gators are back in the SEC title game.

But, for the second straight year, they run into the juggernaut that is Alabama.

The Tide is a 24 point favorite in Atlanta on Saturday - when you have a program like Florida, you're not typically that much of an underdog.

In fact, when the Gators beat LSU last month, they were 13 and a half point underdogs in Death Valley.

And that was their biggest upset win in 40 years.

You'd have to go back to 1972, Florida was a 17 point underdog to Florida State and forced 10 turnovers, and beat them 42-13 in Tallahassee.

Before that, it's hard to find a game when the Gators were over a three touchdown underdog.. and won.

In fact the only one I could find, was in 1939 - when the Gators were 4 touchdown underdogs to Frank Leahy's Boston College team, and beat them 7-zip at Fenway Park.

The Gators aren't used to wearing the Cinderella slipper... and Nick Saban's Tide, is not using being upset.

So history will have to be made - to keep the Tide from being champs again.

You can watch the game at 4pm Saturday on CBS12.

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