What's Lincoln Thinkin" - Former Fin Ajayi is a sore winner

Jay Ajayi as a Dolphin, taken in 2017.

Jay Ajayi started the season with the Dolphins, and ended it, as a Super Bowl champion.

His season has come full circle, but he still can't let go, that Adam Gase let him go.

At the trade deadline, the Dolphins sent their leading rusher to the Eagles for a fourth round pick.

On the field, it seemed a questionable decision. But off of it, there were numerous reports that Ajayi was a coaching headache, Gase needed to be rid of.

A few months later, and Ajayi is a Super Bowl champion and he hasn't stopped talking about using his trade as motivation. Even in his first post Super Bowl social media posting, with the Lombardi Trophy, he wrote: "they may have tried to discredit you, discount you throw dirt on your name. None of it matters now." He adds: "Funny how they were GASsEd over journalistic, look at me now."

Not sure exactly what that means, but he's definitely calling out his former coach with the capital letters.

Ajayi should celebrate his trophy, but the sentiment that he got the last laugh is laughable.

The Fins reportedly got rid of Ajayi because his attitude was a problem. The fact that he's such a sore winner, shows they weren't wrong.

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