What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Fixing Kiffin's Hype Video

National Signing day is Wednesday - and Boca is buzzing, as Lane Kiffin's first recruiting class will be revealed atFAU.

But maybe someone should let coach Kiffin in on the excitement.

FAU hired Kiffin, to inject some excitement into their football program..

A young guy, with a big name, who's owned some major jobs in football coaching.

There has never been a time to be more pumped for Owl football than this moment.

But someone should tell Kiffin what being excited look like.

FAU released a video on social media, trying to amp up fans to buy season tickets, but it doesn't exactly have the intended effect.

The recruiting trail is a tough road to hoe, so let's just assume coach lane is a little exhausted. Let's help him with his hype video a little bit.

Now who wants a ticket?

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