What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Fins shouldn't trade up to draft Elliott

ESPN Draft Guru Mel Kiper reported Tuesday that the Dolphins may trade up in the draft to select running back Ezekiel Elliott. The Ohio State product has been visiting with Fins' brass for two days.

But trading up in the first round for a running back - is a bad idea.

In recent years, NFL teams have avoided using first round picks on running backs. In fact, only two running backs have gone in the first round in the last three years.

Over the last 7 years - 12 running backs have heard their name called on Day One.

And of those 12 -

4 are no longer in the NFL - Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells, Jahvid Best and David Wilson.

8 are no longer with the team that drafted them - the previous four, plus C.J. Spiller, Trent Richardson, Ryan Mathews and Donald Brown.

And only one - Doug Martin - has had more than one season where he rushed for over one thousand yards.

That does not include, the Rams' Todd gurley, who had a big rookie year last season. But most NFL scouts say Elliott is no Gurley.

Why fewer running backs? Their careers are shorter because of the wear and tear on their bodies, so fewer teams are signing good running backs to a second contract. The Dolphins know plenty about this - they just decided to let Lamar Miller walk.

So, how can you justify drafting a player in the first round, that you know you're not going to sign when his rookie contract ends?

The Fins need a running back in the draft, and they'll take one. Just not on Day One.

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