What's Lincoln Thinkin': Fins learn from title games, Tannehill is enough

Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

The NFL has reached its final four and the quarterbacks one win away from the Super Bowl, includes the most accomplished that's ever lived, and three guys that have been bad a lot more than they've been good. That fact should teach the Dolphins something: Ryan Tannehill's not the problem

Tom Brady is questionable to play for the Patriots in Sunday's AFC Championship Game - he injured his throwing hand in practice. But one-handed, he's still probably better than the other three quarterbacks in championship weekend.

Philly's Nick Foles is a career backup, who's filling in for the injured Carson Wentz.

The Vikings' Case Keenum had 9 wins as a starter before this season.

And Jacksonville's Blake Bortles may have been an early draft pick, but he has a 21-40 record in the NFL.

Other than Brady, Ryan Tannehill is better than all of the remaining QBs in the playoffs - so how this season has panned out, doesn't help the Tannehill detractors.

Granted, the elite QBs are more likely to have extended success, but this season has taught us they aren't the be all, end all.

The Vikings, Eagles, and Jaguars had three of the top four defenses in league, in yards allowed per game. We all know the cliche about defense and championships - but this season has taught us the Dolphins do have a quarterback good enough to get to the AFC Championship Game. Now they need a defense to match.

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