What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Are LeBron and D-Wade missing Miami?

LeBron James / AP photo

The sun doesn't shine everywhere like it does in South Florida.

Two thirds of the old big three, may be finding that out the hard way.

Because at least for one day, the Heat are the ones that are laughing.

After the Heat sleepwalked through the first half of the season, but they certainly had a wake up call Monday Night. The Heat won their fourth straight game and have something to feel good about, thanks to Dion Waiters and his game-winning three against the Warriors. All this elation in the AAA came on the same day, where two thirds of the artists formerly known as the "Big 3" were complaining about their current situations.

LeBron James' reigning champion Cavaliers have lost five of their last seven games. Monday night LeBron complained that his team didn't have enough playmakers on it.

On the same night, Dwyane Wade told ESPN that he might leave his hometown Bulls after just one season, because Chicago is just a mediocre team.

Both players, complaining about their front office? I know who's laughing now - Pat Riley.

LeBron and D-Wade left Miami, to pursue dreams in their home towns. They may be finally realizing they never had it as good as they had it down here. A dream, that Dion Waiters, is just realizing now.

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