What's Lincoln Thinkin' - 10 Worst Sports Costumes for Halloween

Sports fans both young and old love to dress up as their favorite athletes on Halloween.

But sometimes when they venture into the sports realm for their costumes, they make a horrible mistake.

These are the Top 10 Lamest Sports Costumes this Halloween:

#10. Beer Vendor. If you're going to show up in this costume, you're going to have to back it up.

#9. Male Cheerleader. Act like you've watched a television show since 1996.

#8. A Hoop. Be prepared to have objects banked off you all night.

#7. A Browns Fan. Any other team is available, and if you are an actual Browns fan, this is your one night to pretend you're a fan of some other team.

#6. Kyle Busch. Don't punish your kid like this. Just don't.

#5. A Mitt. You'll spend you're whole night just praying some girl is dressed as a baseball.

#4. Fat Ref. Yeah you think that might be funny, and then Ed Hochuli finds you and beats you to a pulp.

#3. The Fox Robot. Why go as lame Ironman, when you could just go as Ironman?

#2. Inflatable Hockey Player. Dumb, unless you're going as Kevin James as a Blackhawk Fan. Then it's funny.

#1. A Goal Post. This.. is no good.

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