The NFL is not just a "Man's World" anymore


A landmark day in professional football - The Buffalo Bills hired the first full-time female assistant coach.

She has found plenty of support from the Bills, but she's not getting it from everywhere else.

Kathryn Smith knows the inside of an NFL team - she's been working closely with head coach Rex Ryan for 13 years.

Smith is a trailblazer and of course, she has detractors.. including Cleveland talk show host Kevin Kiley. "There's no place for a woman in professional sports, in football coaching men," Kiley says. "Men will not take to it." Click here to listen to more of Kiley's rant.

Bills players disagree with him.

Offensive lineman Richie Incognito tweeted out, "Congrats Kathryn. I know you will do a great job."

And tight end Marqueis Gray said, "Congrats to coach Kathryn Smith. Welcome aboard, this is a big deal people."

Experience can be acquired in different ways.

Can you only be a good firefighter, if your house burned down?

Can you only be a good police officer if you were arrested yourself?

Can you only report on golf, if you played on the PGA Tour?

Kathryn Smith learned the sport from working side-by-side with Rex Ryan for well over a decade.

She's earned his trust, and that of the Bills' players.

And beyond that.. it really doesn't matter.

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