American Sports Network's Super Poll 50

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Players from all sorts of backgrounds will suit up for the Panthers and Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

Many of them came from conferences featured on the American Sports Network - conferences like Conference-USA, the Big South, the Patriot League and the So-Con.

ASN and its viewers have created the Super Poll 50 - the 50 best players from ASN conferences. I unveil the top 50, on the American Sports Network Web Show, and I interview some of stars featured on the list, including Terrell Owens and Troy Brown, and break down the list with NFL experts Russell Baxter and Jon Saraceno.

You can watch all of the videos unveiling the top 50 by clicking here.

But I had some disagreements from what the fan vote on

So here's the "What's Lincoln Thinkin' Super Poll 50":

50. Gabe Wilkins, DL, Gardner-Webb

49. Mike Flynn, OL, Maine

48. Willie Williams, DB, Western Carolina

47. Justin Strzelczyk, OL, Maine

46. Leonard Smith, OL, McNeese State

45. Lardarius Webb, DB, Nicholls State

44. Dan Connolly, OL, Southeast Missouri State

43. Danny Copeland, DB, Eastern Kentucky

42. Ryan Allen, P, Louisiana Tech

41. Chris Clark, OL, Southern Miss

40. Tramon Williams, DB, Louisiana Tech

39. Mike Adams, DB, Delaware

38. Jermon Bushrod, OL, Towson

37. Steve Christie, PK, William & Mary

36. Mark Kelso, DB, William Mary

35. Reggie Williams, LB, Dartmouth

34. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DB, Tennessee State

33. Greg Jennings, WR, Western Michigan

32. Jim Youngblood, LB, Tennessee State

31. Adalius Thomas, LB, Southern Miss

30. Sean Payton, QB, Eastern Illinois

29. Ahmad Bradshaw, Marshall

28. Eric Davis, DB, Jacksonville State

27. Earl Cooper, TE, Rice

26. Julian Edelman, WR, Kent State

25. Gary Fencik, DB, Yale

24. Brian Westbrook, RB, Villanova

23. Fuzzy Thurston, OL, Valparaiso

22. Mike Shanahan, QB, Eastern Illinois

21. Troy Brown, WR, Marshall

20. Phil Villapiano, LB, Bowling Green

19. Don Maynard, WR, Texas Western (UTEP)

18. Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan

17. Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware

16. Fred Dean, DL, Louisiana Tech

15. Ray Guy, P, Southern Miss

14. James Harrison, LB, Kent State

13. Ed "Too Tall" Jones, DL, Tennessee State

12. Charles Haley, LB, James Madison

11. Terrell Owens, WR, Chattanooga

10. Howie Long, DL, Villanova

9. Randy Moss, WR, Marshall

8. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Ohio)

7. Phil Simms, QB, Morehead State

6. Richard Dent, DL, Tennessee State

5. Vince Lombardi, OL, Fordham

4..Jack Lambert, LB, Kent State

3. Joe Greene, DL, North Texas

2. Brett Favre, QB, Southern Miss

1. Terry Bradshaw, QB, Louisiana Tech

Biggest movers between my poll and the ASN Poll? I had former Packer lineman Fuzzy Thurston up 22 spots from 45 to 23, two-time Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan up 14 spots from 36 to 22 and former Eagle running back Brian Westbrook up 13 spots from 37 to 24.

Moving in the other direction, I had former Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly down 24 spots from 20 to 44, two-time Super Bowl-winning running back Ahmad Bradshaw down 21 spots from 8 to 29 and current Patriots receiver Julian Edelman down 14 spots from 12 to 26.

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