Tennis legends Johan Kriek & Hana Mandlikova guiding young players in Palm Beach Gardens


South Florida natives Sloan Stevens and Madison Keys are having significant seasons, while Venus and Serena Williams proudly make Palm Beach Gardens their home. But even with all that, the biggest influence for young tennis players in South Florida these days might just be the Johan Kriek Tennis Academy at PGA National Resort and Spa.

The Academy got a huge boost on Saturday when two-time Australian Open Champion Kriek teamed up with five-time Grand Slam Champion Hana Mandlikova to help teach some young and budding players how to be successful in tennis.

"I love tennis, it's my passion and the only thing I know," says Mandlikova. "so I said to myself, why not do something (for the game) with Johan. It's just a pleasure, it's nice, I love to (teach) small kids."

Kids from all over the world, and all levels of play, train at the Johan Kriek Tennis Academy, the perfect backdrop for these two tennis legends to share their passion for the game.

"I think good tennis teachers at any level are good story tellers," explains Kriek. "They are good people people, so if you tell a good story you bring knowledge to a person, they suck it up like a sponge, and they take that knowledge and make it their own."

Former 26th ranked player in the world Sabina Simmonds from Italy was also on hand to help guide the young players. The Academy offer tennis programs year round.

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