Palm Beach County football teams set to press the restart button after Irma

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Palm Beach County High School football games were cancelled again for week four on Friday night in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. And while the school board announced that this week's games would be made up on Monday, October 2nd, the delays have wreaked havok on the season.

"It's frustrating you know," says Oxbridge head coach Brendan Kent. "These kids sit around and lay around, and their parents text you and ask coach, when are we starting again?"

For Oxbridge Academy, their field that's been empty since September 5th will finally come to life with practice on Saturday morning.

"(We have to) kind of hit the hard reset button," says Kent. "Everybody's had down time, kind of sitting around and laying around and not out here practicing. We're going to have to get ous minds back on track with that."

The Palm Beach Lakes football team was supposed to be playing a key district game against Dwyer on Friday night, but head coach Al Shipman can't get his team back practicing until Monday.

"(It's) very frustrating," admits Shipman. "We've got to try and pick up the pieces and put it back together. Our offense, we thought, was just starting to click a little bit, and now we've got to start all over."

Most of the players will be far from in week four condition when they return to the practice field, with different physical and nutritional habits being picked up over the better part of the last two weeks.

"We'll be smart in getting them accumulated back into practice habits," says Kent. "And be smart about how we get them back here and transition into the season."

"The kids were out of power," adds Shipman. "So it's not like the kids had a chance to get out there and practice amongst themselves, and things of that nature, so they've kind of just been in the house."

Now the teams will be busier than ever, as the schools still need to find a way to make up their week three games, on top of Friday's postponed week four games.

"I'm just hoping that the community is ready get out of teh house," says Shipman with a smile. "Get back to normal, and get some football."

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