Six year old, one-armed golfer inspires at the Paley Institute

Tommy Morrissey

A special young golfer was visiting some young boys and girls at the Paley Institute Thursday. Palm Beach Gardens native Tommy Morrissey was born with one arm, but has become an ace golfer at six years old.

He's been going around the world challenging the top golfers to play him one arm, and usually he wins.

Last year he was a special guest at the Honda Classic, and challenged a number of the PGA Tour players to try to out-chip him using just one hand.

Thursday he met with kids going through limb lengthening treatment at the Paley Instituted at St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Tommy's family has begun the UnLIMBited Foundation to help provide resources to help save children's limbs. You can find out more information about the foundation at

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