Rymer trading microphone for clubs at Boca Raton Championship

Charlie Rymer

For 20 years, Charlie Rymer has been a golf commentator, and one of the most popular on the Golf Channel.

But this week in Boca Raton, he's putting his game where his mouth is, joining the PGA Tour Champions, and playing side-by-side, with the players he talks about on TV.

"I forgot how cool it was to be a player," says Rymer.

He has been away from being a full-time golfer for two decades. So you can forgive him if he forgot about the perks.

"I've got a parking space with my own name on name on it!"

The Golf Channel host and commentator is leaving the TV, and heading out on the course. Rymer turned 50 this year, so he became eligible for the PGA Tour Champions, and decided he would return to competitive play, with this week, his first tournament.

"These guys out here know I'm not a threat to their livelihood. I just want to give the fans from Golf Channel a look at this journey."

Reimer is not expecting greatness in his first tournament, and neither are some of his competitors.

"Steve Flesch believes he has a better chance in the buffet line," Tim Rosaforte reported on Golf Channel.

"It' going to be nerve-wracking," adds Rymer. "But it's going to be fun."

We'll see if golf's funny man still has a smile on his face. after a weekend inside the ropes is over.

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