Olin Browne Jr. plays local U.S. Open qualifier, no extra pressure with famous golf name

Olin Browne Jr. at Admiral's Cove (WPEC)

It's every golfers dream to play in a major tournament. That's what makes the U.S. Open so unique, with hundreds of U.S. Open qualifying tournaments being played across the country, including our own local qualifier on Friday at Admirals Cove in Jupiter. Amateurs and golf pros hoping for their chance to play with PGA stars and golf legends in Southampton, NY.

Even a guy named Olin Browne was trying to advance to the next level of U.S. Open qualifying. No, not the 3-time PGA Tour winner and Champions Tour star, but his son of the same name. Olin Browne Jr. says he's never felt pressure having the exact name as his famous golf dad.

"I always loved being named Olin," says Olin Browne Jr. "I always loved being named after my father. My dad was my hero growing up. I have a three year old son now, and his name is Olin."

Olin Browne the second says he plays golf with his dad whenever he can, and that their games are not all that different.

"My strength would probably be my short game and my putting, and I hit my irons very well. I hit them a little farther than him, but we (do) have quite similar styles of play."

Browne is a former Benjamin School golfer who's currently playing on the MacKenzie Tour up in Canada. His father finished 5th at the U.S. Open back in 1997.

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