Jack Nicklaus' son Gary and grandson GT play in U.S. Open qualifier

Gary and GT Nicklaus (WPEC)

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus called it one of his favorite moment at Augusta National Golf Club last month, when his grandson GT hit his first ever hole in one during the Par 3 contest. Another very special Nicklaus moment happened on Monday in Wellington. GT and his dad Gary both playing in a very rainy U.S. Open qualifying tournament.

"I've gone from being Jack Nicklaus' son," says Gary with a smile. "To, now after his hole in one in Augusta, to (being) GT's Dad."

Either way, people take notice on the golf course when your last name is Nicklaus. So when Jack's son Gary and his son GT are both trying to qualify for the U.S. Open, you'd think the pressure would be unbearable.

"Obviously there's eyes on me," says GT "But I don't really feel pressure because I'm confident enough in myself, and everything I do in life, I know that this is for me, it's not for anybody else."

"Obviously there's going to be some interest in him because of his last name," agrees Gary. "But I'd like (everybody) to have that interest because he's performing well, and people want to talk to him because he's winning the tournament, or close to it."

GT is still only a freshman at Oxbridge Academy, so while so much of the sport may come naturally to him because he's a Nicklaus, his dad Gary hopes that all the weather delays on Monday can help thicken his skin.

"He has not experienced days like this very often," says Gary. "On days like this, it's kind of like last man standing. It's patience, you want to get out there, you want to get it done."

"The pressure of people playing against you," agrees GT "It's just really fun. It really helps you"

And it may just help him to, one day, quality for the U.S. Open, just like his dad has twice. That would certaionly make his grandfather Jack even more proud.

"That's just my dream," says GT. "I'd love for him to see me play. I want to make him proud, and all that stuff, he's my grandpa."

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