Hurricane Junior Golf hits Palm Beach County; backed by golf & Hollywood Celebrities

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The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour teed off it's 11th season in Palm Beach County this weekend. This year is backed by big name ambassaders like Tiger Woods, Justin Rose and Ernie Els, along with Hollywood stars like Will Smith and Justin Timberlake.

The long tour season teed off the season at Madison Green Golf Course in Royal Palm Beach, featuring 14 year Christopher "Poppy" Lee from Loxahatchee, one of the great up and coming juniors in our area, who.trains at Club Med Golf academy. His sister Christina Marcellus was also in action, hoping to get a chance to meet one of the aforementioned celebrities.

The winning golfers at the end of the year will get to have a half an hour sit down with their division ambassador.

"Justin Timberlake does a lot with (junior golfers)," says Senior Tournament Director Chad Peters. "Tiger Woods and Will Smith really like junior golf, They really want these kids to shoot for something, and have them have something to talk ablut after."

The Hurricane Tour travels across the U.S. until early July.

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