Golf legend Jack Nicklaus' companies partner with PGA of America's 'PGA Reach'

Jack Nicklaus at PGA headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens.

If you're in the business of golf, there's no better name to be associated with than the great Jack Nicklaus. But the PGA of America now has more in common with the18-time Major winner than just the sport of golf.

It was a jam packed PGA of America Headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens on Monday afternoon, as Nicklaus himself announced a new partnership with the Nicklaus Companies to help support 'PGA Reach', the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. The partnership includes financial support for programs that focus on Military, Diversity & Inclusion, and Youth.

"When I was winning golf tournaments, I was the focus of that, and it was about me," explains Nicklaus. "But when you start seeing some of the kids that you're helping, and the lives that you're changing, that's a little bit more special than a game."

Nicklaus will serve as a spokesperson for 'PGA Reach', and help promote PGA Junior League Golf, among other things.

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